Let the dream begin

So, I’ve made it!
I conquered my dream of living in San Francisco! (hahaha I don’t live exactly in San Francisco yet, but pretty close, and it counts).

Back there in 2012, I visited San Francisco for a couple of days. I got in love. A place to call it home, and I knew it. I had to move there.
I didn’t speak any English by that time, and I was 25.

I choose resigning from my job. I choose moving to New Zealand to study English. And I choose working for Avenue Code. I didn’t know by that time, that I was going to make it. I just wanted it. I really wanted it.

August 9th, 2019. I was landing in my home town (San Francisco, hun!). I can’t say I wasn’t sad for “leaving” my family, my beloved friends, my dogs, my acroyoga, my forró, my entire life. But I was also filled by an indescribable feeling, that was making me complete, entire, whole.

The first days, weeks, months were tough.
Deciding where to live (how much I wanna pay? Am I going to share? I wanna live here or there?) How am I going to commute?).
Deciding what are my new priorities (Should I start acroyoga right now? Should I look for something new? Should I plan buying a car? Should I save money? Should I plan my next vacation? Should I go to Brazil anytime soon? What I’m going to eat? How long I wanna be here for?).

Lots. Tons of information: taking a bus, paying the bus, finding the best supermarket, applying for a supermarket loyalty plan (to save money), opening a new bank account, paying bills, transferring money, new project, new technology, new people, new clothes, buying furniture, moving, taking a driver’s license, renting a car, taking the train, riding a scooter, renting a house, sharing a house, maintaining the house, making and coexisting with new friends.
Oh man! Tough days!

Got everything (almost!) set.
I live in San Mateo (~1 hour from San Francisco) in a beautiful Town House (it has 4 floors!!), I work in San Francisco and commute by scooter (my Tesla) + train + scooter (I learned that on cold and rainy days is not a good idea, so sometimes I take the bus). I share the house with Luiza (she is back from Canada ahahahaha). I practice yoga 3 to 5 times a week, sometimes in San Francisco, sometimes in San Mateo (they have a lot of studios and I can use all of them). I haven’t found a comfortable acroyoga class yet, which is easy to go but I’m looking forward to. I’ve been to forró once; now I have a friend who dances that can go with me (yay!). I have started investing on stocks (made some good money – before coronavyrus of course, but I’ll recover). I have opened a savings account (and I’m actually saving money). I have my bedroom the way I always wanted (ok, I still need to find a way to hang my slackline and my aerials, but that’s a future plan hahahah).

At the beginning I thought not visiting Brasil for some time.. But I ended up traveling there for Christmas. And it was really worth it. I needed some break from all the new things, and needed to feel that I still had that place to call it home. Yeah, I like having many homes!
It was just amazing being with everybody! I definitely value being with people that I love.

It’s been 8 months. And I still have uncountable things to do. I always have.

But I can say, I’m a fucking badass person. And I love it!


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